Thursday, 13 September 2012

Film Noir Shoot

So as the title suggests, this is a post about my film noir shoot, which has been in the planning zone for 2 months.
Why two months? Because of poor communication. Not from the model, but from others. I eventually had to drop most of the team as they stopped replying me, which was incredibly frustrating. But, it eventually happened and that's a good thing.

I shot with the very striking Phoebe Zamora who was very pleasant and a hard working model. It was her idea to do the film noir shoot so I was glad she would be doing a shoot that she had an interest in. On the day, it rained heavily when she arrived, so we ended up sitting inside, waiting for it to pass. This was good because I did get to know her a bit better. 

Now the shoot itself and the results... well, there are a few photos I like from it, but this isn't one of my stronger shoots. For starters, as lovely as Phoebe was, I think we had a bit of a different idea on what the film noir look was (despite me sending over moodboards). Her dress didn't strike me as film noir-ish at all; and her hair wasn't what I was expecting either. She did mention that her curls had been caught in the rain a bit, which was a shame. However, she posed very well and she did her makeup very well.
 The other issue was lighting, I had a bit of a problem because I'd planned to shoot much earlier into summer. Which would basically have given us more "dying light" for me to work with to really get the noir feel before it became too dark for me to work. The photos with the most noir feel did come from the night shots or just before it got too dark; but it was too light to really get the mood across in previous shots. So not many of the shots ended up with the noir look in terms of style and lighting.

Also, we got A LOT of comments this time around. And I mean a lot. I did feel very tense and nervous at one point, to the point that my shots came out blurred because I was shaking so much. Also, because it became dark, we were essentially two girls out in the dark, and I didn't feel safe.

What I've learnt from this shoot is to make sure both me and the model feel safe; even if it meant bringing someone else with us, it may have made us feel a lot more confortable. I've also learnt to double check with the model what they will bringing along for the shoot in terms of clothing, in case there's a bit of a creativity clash. Bring my own stuff along too, as I could have probably helped out a bit with the shoot too.

Anyway, here are a few of the results.

Not as many results as previous shoots, there's a couple in here that I REALLY like, so the shoot wasn't as bad as I made it sound. It just wasn't the best shoot I've done either. But I've learnt a lot and will be ready soon to reshoot it.